The Knot-Shop Man
Four remarkable stories concerning knots of fate
Fudebakudo: The Way of the Exploding Pen
The penultimate martial art
Book of Pages
The first Beholder book (currently out of print)
The Sherlock Holmes Escape Book
A choose-your-own-path puzzle-based escape book

Online storytelling

Beholder’s flagship puzzle story in twelve weekly instalments, starting the moment you log in
Dwindle: a Tapir’s Tale
A woolly mountain tapir responds to impending extinction
La Séptima Bala
An illustrated online short story in six pages
The Concuspidor & the Grand Wizard of Many Things
The slightly renowned online fable, complete and unabashed — now celebrating over 25 years on the web!

Other projects

The Alphabet for Geniuses
No prodigy’s nursery complete without one
Sortbot demonstrates sorting
Two ways to sort a pack of cards: quicksort and insertion sort
Reconstructing one of the best board-games in the world
Vintage Beholder
Illustrations from the olden days (1990s), including the Internet Cheatsheet
Odds & bods
Gone but not forgotten: