The Knot-Shop Man
Four remarkable stories concerning knots of fate
Fudebakudo: The Way of the Exploding Pen
The penultimate martial art
Book of Pages
The first Beholder book (currently out of print)

Online storytelling

Beholder’s flagship puzzle story in twelve weekly instalments, starting the moment you log in
Dwindle: a Tapir’s Tale
A woolly mountain tapir responds to impending extinction
La Séptima Bala
An illustrated online short story in six pages
The Concuspidor & the Grand Wizard of Many Things
The slightly renowned online fable, complete and unabashed — now celebrating over 20 years on the web!

Other projects

This week in steam (updated nightly)
Scheduled times for steam trains passing through UK mainline stations. Will you run to the trackside and wave?
The Alphabet for Geniuses
No prodigy’s nursery complete without one
Sortbot demonstrates sorting
Two ways to sort a pack of cards: quicksort and insertion sort
Reconstructing one of the best board-games in the world
Vintage Beholder
Illustrations from the olden days (1990s), including the Internet Cheatsheet
Odds & bods
an equilateral triangle of life
feeblepoint lets nerds make presentations in HTML
BeholderBoard virtual chess set — deprecated cgi freeware
the Eurocrat feline flag-waver
Whiteland’s butterknife for a duller world
Beholder scrapbook bits and bobs made or lost along the way