The BeholderBoard Virtual Chess-set

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The BeholderBoard is a Perl script that lets you play chess with your friends (if you have a webserver). It was released as unsupported freeware in 1999, and it is now no longer supported.


up to 999 boards on the go at any time
password protected boards
pretty graphics
illegal moves rejected
scalable, flippable board
e-mail notification of moves
output notation in SAN (short-form)
hide/show labels, captives, moves
produces HTML with or without JavaScript, no cookies
no new games without your say-so

Download one of the following archives, containing script, readme and all the graphics (all in less than 48Kb!).

Install the script by following the instructions in the readme. If you're familiar with Perl in the cgi-bin, it's a doddle. Otherwise this script might not be for you.

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