Be equilateral

(Animated diagram available on devices that support HTML canvas).

This is a little visualisation of the mind-body-heart triangle of human life.

The body is physical — so that’s about the things you do or make, and how you interact with the world: good diet, fitness, flexibility, posture. Sleeping enough and breathing clean air probably helps too. The mind is what and how you think, and the intellectual decisions you make — being curious, interested, reasonable, stimulated, and (as far as possible) smart. Or, indeed, sometimes silly or nonsensical. And the heart is how you feel — things like empathy, kindness, mood, laughter, friendship, passion, and even love.

Nearly everything in your life is a combination of at least two of these components and often all three, which is as it should be. But if any one of them gets too far out of kilter — because you abandon it, or indulge it, or external circumstances put all the focus on it — give it some attention. Bring it back to equilateral. It doesn’t matter if your triangle is big or small, but sooner or later it will matter if it’s badly out of shape.

Click and drag. It’s not dramatic because the idea isn’t either. It’s just a triangle that wants to be equilateral.

Tech: HTML Canvas with native JavaScript.

Pretty but no longer representative: for fun, try it with six or nine nodes instead of three.