Beholder presents PLANETARIUM a puzzle story

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Planetarium is in weekly instalments starting from when you register. If you register now you can submit solutions to the puzzles in part i but you won’t be granted access to part ii until next week.

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Choose a password that is not easy to guess, but that you won’t forget (the password is case sensitive). Keep your password secret. We do not re-issue forgotten passwords — if you forget yours, you’ll have to go right back to the start.

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Planetarium can automatically remind you by email if you forget to log in for over a week, so you don’t miss any instalments. We don’t mind if you leave your email address blank, but of course if you do that you won’t be sent a reminder — but then, there are two other ways you can be reminded when instalments are due. When you stop reading Planetarium, your email address is deleted along with your reader-name. See the FAQ about email to be reassured.

After you’ve registered, if you let a few weeks elapse without logging in, your reader-name will expire. Just make sure you visit every week, and you won’t have to worry about this. You will be granted access to a new instalment of Planetarium every seven days, starting from registration (give or take a few hours).

There is a lot more information in the extensive Planetarium Frequently Asked Questions.