Text-only page from part i of Planetarium

The text-only versions of pages in Planetarium are provided to make it easy for you to print a puzzle, without having problems with background colour or graphics. Note that there may be essential parts of the puzzle in illustrations and other parts of Planetarium which are not included on this page.

A weasel:

Weasels, by their nature, tend to have their own good reasons for whatever they are up to and however they are doing it. Cunning and sly, if a weasel ever sets a puzzle before you, you should be careful not to be too distracted by it. Small edible mammals are particularly vulnerable — tricked into unwariness by a distracting crossword clue or baffling number trick, they’re snatched and gobbled up. It is a ghastly way to behave.

So if there were to be a weasel right at the start of Planetarium, you could be sure there’d be a reason for it. But as it happens, this weasel’s motive is fulfilled — its obligation has already been discharged, and it has nothing more to do. And although it could easily present a riddle or puzzle that might mesmerise you like a paradox might numb a vole, it doesn’t. In fact, this is because it has already done so, although perhaps you don’t yet know it.

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