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The Concuspidor Instructions

When you read the story, inside each scene you can click on any character to see what they're thinking. If you click on dud space, nothing happens; but all people and some objects (basically those that might have something to say) ought to respond, In 1995, when this was first released, clicking on parts of an image was quite radical.

Move through the story by clicking on the cards:

start card (S) START
...jump to the Start of the whole thing
back of cards BACK
...go back to the previous scene
top card (T) TOP
...up to the Top of the page
next card (N) NEXT
...go to the Next scene
help card (?) HELP
...get these instructions

Originally, the story was told in weekly instalments (a few scenes each week). Now it's all here, which can be a bit much. Of course, you can bookmark the story as far as you get, and come back later.

The whole story is archived - so you can jump straight into any instalment.
The Concuspidor FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions for the curious or confused.
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