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The Concuspidor Archive

This is an archive of all the instalments of the story. The story was released in weekly instalments (June - December 1995) but now it's all here in one big lump.

Reading this archive in full might spoil the story. Don't say you weren't warned.


Archive: the Whole Story

First things first: First instalment: Second instalment: Third instalment: Fourth instalment: Fifth instalment: Sixth instalment: Seventh instalment: Eighth instalment: Ninth instalment: Tenth instalment: Eleventh instalment: Twelth instalment: Thirteenth instalment: Fourteenth instalment: Fifteenth instalment: Sixteenth instalment: Seventeenth instalment: Eighteenth instalment: Nineteenth instalment: Twentieth instalment: Twenty-first instalment: Twenty-second instalment: Twenty-third instalment: The Final Instalment: Last but not least:

The Concuspidor is © copyright Beholder Graphics 1995.

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