The BeholderBoard Virtual Chess Set

BeholderBoard logo

The BeholderBoard was a Perl script that let you play chess with your friends (if you had a webserver). It was released as unsupported freeware in 1999. It’s been superseded by a variety of (better) chess servers, so it is no longer available and certainly no longer supported.

It featured:

  • up to 999 boards on the go at any time
  • password protected boards
  • rather lovely graphics for their time
  • illegal moves rejected
  • scalable, flippable board
  • e-mail notification of moves
  • output notation in SAN (short-form)
  • hide/show labels, captives, moves
  • HTML with or without JavaScript, no cookies
  • no new games without administrator’s say-so
  • playful multi-king/multi-anything non-8-by-8 “deviant chess” mode

The script is no longer available, but if you want to use the graphics for anything, download them as a .zip and off you go: available under a CC-BY 2.0 license.