Scrapbook page 7


This was the pre-cropped background for the Flash animation that ran at the front of the Fudebakudo website. It was just a bit too fiddly to casually turn into HTML5 so for a long time it was in undisplayed limbo — now it’s back on the Fudebakudo splash/index page as a movie (which means I had to drop the little bit of hidden interaction that used to be at the end). Note cheeky use of photographed (daytime) clouds to set up the moonlight-shadow vibe. Also, the classic 3-point perspective on display here reveals my early background in technical drawing. The animation used some sneaky manipulation of layers (in Flash) to make the shadows work when the ninjas moved over it (otherwise, 50% alpha shadows cumulate when they overlap, which isn’t OK), which was a rare problem-solving success I was pleased with and, which, because it worked, obviously nobody ever noticed.