Scrapbook page 83


An image from the EveryPolitician bot illustrations I did for mySociety in 2016. The colours of the bots here are the seven colours from mySociety’s logo (although you can’t see it in this scene, the complete logo occurs in the form of metallic studs on the bot’s back). This “wrapping paper” design uses POV-Ray’s orthographic camera to flatten the scene out (that is, no foreshortening). It’s scene-025.pov in the bot-scrapbook repo on GitHub, and was never used.

pigment {mysoc_colours[floor(rand(r1) * 7)]}

Note for programmers: POV-Ray’s Scene Description Language accepts colour as a synonym of color, which for no good reason is the sort of lenience most programming languages do not provide. The concept of other-language keywords ought to be common, if not in programming languages then at least in their development environments. But what do I know? I still have a soft spot for Perl because it had pronouns, and the singular/plural context thing.

Re-rendered here with a 1:1 aspect ratio, since the original (like all the EveryPolitician bot images from this series) was 3:1 letterbox format.