Scrapbook page 17


In 2016 I started doing a bunch of illustrations for mySociety’s EveryPolitician project to accompany what would be fundamentally technical articles (I was being paid to write the articles; I did the illustrations for fun). Software-related topics are notoriously hard to illustrate because they are abstract, but Tony, the project lead, proposed a personifcation of “the bot” that was executing much of the code. It was a great idea. I finalised the initial character in its cartoon form first, and then built a POV-Ray model with that as the reference... and had a blast. The primary illustrations were in a challenging but ultimately fun 3 x 1 letterbox format that suited Medium, where the articles were being posted. This square crop is from the Vitruvian bot illustration, which was one of my favourites, although in the end it was never used.