Scrapbook page 68


A detail from another illustration for Book of Pages that never made it into the final story (drawn sometime around 1991). This one is “One More Friend”, in which Jiriki, recovering from the events of the previous page, is tended by the character whom, in the final draft, he rescues (that is, in the published book this never happens, and instead he helps her). This illustration seems somewhat out of place compared to the others in Book of Pages, in which continuity with other scenes was deliberately slight — mostly just cues in the background. The pages were intended to stand alone as vignettes, which is why Jiriki is a very passive protagonist throughout most of the book. But this one clearly depends on that previous event to make sense. I’ve found no surviving illustration of what caused Jiriki to be in this state, which suggests that this scene, together with the events surrounding it, was deleted very early in the project.