Pete Hoare

Pete (handsome devil) Please note this image is only an artist’s interpretation of reality as I never actually wear a tie

Pete wrote this page, which has remained largely unchanged, some time around 1999. Pete was the first Beholder involvee.

As opposed to Dave I still am a Computer Scientist, I graduated in the same memorable year of 1988 from Royal Holloway University of London. Unlike the main man I do actually have a real job which includes subsidising struggling artists when they are in good old Blighty.

As for me - well I loved Royal Holloway so long I stayed and tried to become the eternal student. Fate though made me complete a PhD in language design for data parallel and process parallel systems (phew, that took a bit of remembering :-) Afterwards I did a brief stint as a lecturer for the Department of Computer Science and these days I live in Malvern.

Peat’s cat Cat prior to be being posted to a humane holiday destination

My main involvement in Beholder is the techie advice to the great man answering such questions as: “Where is the Perl binding to DBM?", “Can I have the pig rotating clockwise rather than anti-clockwise?” and "Should the fan on top of the CPU be working or is it normal for the chip to be so roasty-toastie?” Given Dave’s record on hardware (in fact anything mechanical -- including motorbikes) he keeps me busy when not doing “real” work. I have to fit this in with work in the real world otherwise it would be difficult to afford all the Oriental meals I need when the artistic part of Beholder Graphics comes into town.

As Dave suggested I have tried not to make this one of the most boring pages on the web but I have to add the cat picture to make a point about web content.