The Concuspidor 20 years of Concuspidor online

Changes to The Concuspidor

The Concuspidor & the Grand Wizard of Many Things has remained fundamentally unchanged since it was published. This is deliberate — it's an old project (you can read more about its history) and until recently we had avoided making any changes to the way it looked.

A few years ago we washed the HTML on The Concuspidor to bring it up to date, and updated the styling on all the pages. But, other than that, we had left all the text and illustrations as they were when the project was released over a decade ago.

In 2012 we added pop-up dialogues to the story. This is the first material change to the way the story has looked since it first appeared on the web.

We also added the overlooked <link ref="next"...> links to the pages, which helps services like web-rocket.

Pop-ups in The Concuspidor

When you click on a character in one of the pictures, text will appear in a pop-up over the picture. You can drag or resize this, and even change the text colour (by clicking on the triangle in the top-left corner). This behaviour is now the default, and was introduced at the start of 2012. We think it makes the story easier to read, especially if you have a large screen, which is common now but was very unusual when The Concuspidor was launched.

You can switch pop-ups off by clicking at the bottom-right of any story page. Then you'll get a full page for every character, and you'll be seeing the story exactly as it appeared in 1995.

Pop-ups only work if you're running Javascript. Text colour changes will be remembered if you allow cookies.