The BeholderBoard Players' Help

e.g. e2 - e4

You may need to submit your password to make a move
Special moves:
castle: move king two squares
en passant: move capturing pawn diagonally
promotion: move pawn normally... prompts for piece type
resign: "jump" your king onto opponent's king... prompts for confirmation

You don't need to submit a password to change the display
Hide options:
labels: hides algebraic names at edge of board
captives: hides any captured pieces
moves: hides written move list
Other options:
flip board: inverts to black's point of view
square size: in pixels (usually 50)

Enable/Disable Javascript option is available at the bottom of all screens
Enabled: control panel floats in a separate small window
Disabled: board and control panel all on the same page. If your browser can't cope with Javascript, choose this option.

If you have set a password, you must use it to move
Setting password:
The first time you make a move accompanied by a password, that word will be used if none was already set.
Remember it!
Other information:

Contact the webmaster of the site which contains your board if you have any problems
Stalemate and checkmate conditions are not automatically detected
For technical issues with the BeholderBoard please read the FAQ and the readme which accompanies the script
BeholderBoard v1.5 is freeware

The BeholderBoard Virtual Chess set